The Quartet was founded in 1986 by alumni of the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. The repertoire amounts to about 90 works of different styles, from baroque works to modern works, such as J.S.Bach’s the Art of the Fugue and other pieces by Bartók and Shostakovich, which are all played from memory.

Awards received: The National Arts Festival Grand Prize (2004), The National Arts Festival Exellence Award (2007), TonenGeneral Music Awards – Western Classical Music Promotion Division (2014), etc.

Released CDs: Beethoven’s “LATE STRING QUARTETS”, Bach’s “Die Kunst der Fuge”, Mozart’s “Haydn”Quartets (3 CDs), Bartók’s “6 string quartets” (2 CDs and Lecture CD) and Shostakovich’s “COMPLETE STRING QUARTETS”(5 CDs).